• On the lash at Hummingbirds Salon

    On the lash at Hummingbirds Salon

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    Classic Individual Eyelash

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Classic Individual Lash Extensions

Jodie is our Hummingbirds Lash Technician and has been practicing Lash Extensions for over 6 years now.

Our Lash extensions enhance your natural lashes by adhering individual synthetic eyelashes to each of your own to achieve a thicker, fuller look. They are light, natural and comfortable and come in a range of curls, lengths and thicknesses.

Our natural lashes generally have a 90 day cycle and we have 3 main lash types:
New Lashes are shorter, paler in colour and will continue to grow with the extension on which can then cause your extension to become top heavy and then start flopping. around
Healthy Lashes are darker and thicker in colour and will be the most suitable lash for your extension to go on as it will stay in place longer.
Mature lashes again are darker and thicker in colour but are also at the end of their growth and so will naturally fall out with your extension attached as your new lash pushes it out.

In order to achieve a balanced look extensions have to be added to all lash types which is why we reccommend infills every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain a full look, however it is important to note that everybodies lashes are different and what works for some sometimes doesn't work for others.